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CNN is home to so many Villagers that its Atlanta-based headquarters is sometimes referred to as "Village South." Founded by Ted Turner, CNN was brought into the Village orbit through Time-Warner's merger with Turner broadcasting in 1996. The network has served as the ultimate Village media model, offering up shows like Crossfire (1982-2005) and the Capital Gang (1988-2005) with a "the left says this, but the right says this" dynamic that fortifies the notion of a sensible middle.


Founded: 1980

Key Personalities: Wolf Blitzer (left); John King; Erin Burnett.

Shows: Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz; State of the Union With Candy Crowley; Piers Morgan Tonight; The Situation Room; CNN Newsroom.

Achievements: Provided friendly forum for disgraced politicians on the comeback trail with Larry King Live. Worked vigorously to counter the suspicions of a liberal media bias by hiring Lou Dobbs, Kathleen Parker, Erick Erickson and Dana Loesch, among others. Refined the modern media model of war cheerleading with its coverage of the Iraq War. Boosted intervention in Iran and Syria.