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Jonathan Chait






Jon Chait is the very model of a Village liberal, whether assuming the pose of a "reluctant hawk" or taking on the 800-pound gorilla of Political Correctness. His tireless work on behalf of Village favorite Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic primaries was especially noteworthy. Call him when you want to sell a war but don't want to seem too enthusiastic about it.


Resumé: Editor, New Republic, American Spectator; writer, New York Magazine, Los Angeles Times.

Member Since: 2002

Specialties: Selectively defending freedom of speech. War advocacy in Middle East/North Africa.

Achievements: Derided Bernie Sanders on numerous occasions. Made "liberal case for war" in Iraq. Called for Donald Trump's head.

Sample quote: “Sanders has conjoined Clinton and the Democratic Party apparatus to the shadow nexus of villains that he and his revolution are pledged to overthrow.”

-New York Magazine, April 19, 2016