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Ben Smith




As head of our Internet branch, Ben is uniquely positioned to disseminate Village wisdom to a large and relatively youthful audience. These days you'll find him at the highly popular BuzzFeed, where the politics come with a heaping side of cat pictures and listicles.


Resumé: Editor-in-Chief, BuzzFeed; Blogger, Politico.

Member Since: 2008

Specialties: Tweeting. Palace intrigue.

Achievements: Scored feature in New York Times Style section, where he said of one BuzzFeed listicle, “‘Thirty-three Animals Who Are Disappointed in You’ is a work of literature.” Appeared in House of Games parody video at 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Pulled article from Buzzfeed critical of Axe Body Spray ads after complaint from manufacturer Unilever.

Sample quote: “I hate advocacy. Partly because I think, you know, telling people to be outraged about something is the least useful thing in the world.'”

-At Columbia School of Journalism, November 2013