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Frank Bruni



Issued: June 2014
Statement: Frank Bruni earns this week’s citation for his June 7 Times op-ed linking entitlement reform to climate change (wish we had thought of that. LOL.) In the column, entitled “Dear Millennials, We're Sorry,” Frank wrote, “The country’s slowness to deal with swelling seas and melting glaciers is just one manifestation of our myopia, just one metaphor for our failure to reckon with the future that we’re visiting upon today’s children, who get more lip service than legislation from us.”


To bolster his premise, Frank worked in statistics from the Village-approved Urban Institute (Erskine Bowles, Board of Trustees!) and the conservative, Koch-brothers-backed Generation Opportunity.


Generational Warfare is a key element of our efforts to promote entitlement reform (see here).Thanks, Frank, for putting a new and inventive spin on it!