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Looking for someone to heap scorn on hippies and Tea Partiers alike? Have no fear, David Brooks is here! Few people epitomize the thoughtful, serious center of the Village more than the man we affectionately call “Bobo.” He is always up for a little TV time to put his coveted Serious® stamp on corporatist GOP and Democratic policy.


Resumé: Author, New York Times columnist, PBS NewsHour contributor

Member Since: 2002

Specialties: Venerating the rich while calling for "shared sacrifice" from seniors and the middle class. Bewailing the bad manners of the left.

Achievements: Invented the term “progressive conservatism.” Blamed Democrats for the Tea Party. Promoted Social Security/Medicare cutter Paul Ryan. Scolded pot legalizers in Colorado and Washington. Swatted away income inequality concerns.

Sample quote: “That leaves matters in the hands of the Blue Dog Democrats. These brave moderates are trying to restrain the fiscal explosion.”

-From New York Times column, July 20, 2009