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Michael O'Hanlon




What can you say about an organization that's been called “conservative” by The New York Times and “liberal” by The Wall Street Journal? How about, “perfect!” The gray eminence of think tanks, Brookings and its scholars deftly set a path for all Villagers to follow.


Founded: 1919

Key Members : “Pro-war liberals” Michael O'Hanlon (left) and Kenneth Pollack; former Obama budget director Peter Orszag; former Clinton budget manager Alice Rivlin; Hoover Institution saber-rattler Benjamin Wittes; President of Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass. Neoconservative consigliere Robert Kagan.

Achievements: Produced the O'Hanlon-authored study, “How to be a Cheap Hawk.” Invited former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan to give the keynote address at a February 2011 forum on reforming the home mortgage finance system. Provided a sanctuary for the Hamilton Project, a Wall Street friendly think tank co-founded by Robert Rubin and Goldman Sachs.