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Tom Brokaw

Greetings, fellow Villagers. I come before you today to discuss something that's been bothering me lately: the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) Dinner. I think it's high time we consider pulling the plug on the whole sordid spectacle.


What was once a chance for politicians and media to poke fun at each other in the name of charity has become a celebrity showcase, complete with evening gowns and a red carpet. It creates the perception that we are out of touch with the common man. While we're having our pictures taken with the Kardashians, the American public is struggling with foreclosures, unemployment, sinking net worth, etc. Not to mention, it's unseemly to see members of the Fourth Estate openly cavorting with the people they cover.


I know how much some of you look forward to this night, but perhaps we could find a more constructive use of our time. Your thoughts?


5/5/12, Tom Brokaw, Village Board of Directors




Luke Russert


OMG seriously? Someone's actually bitching about this? Other than a kegger I threw in Georgetown a couple years ago, WHCA 2012 was the greatest weekend of my life. I went to the garden brunch on Saturday and got to hang with Chace Crawford, Ludacris, T. Boone Pickens and Andrew Breitbart (nice guy, totally the opposite of his conservative-warrior persona.) And the dinner itself? Holy sh-t, what a blast! Movie stars, major babes, some pretty cool old dudes. Not only do I think we should keep having it; I wanna make it a quarterly event LOL!

Luke Russert, NBC News


David Gregory thumb


Tom, I hope that crack about "cavorting with the people they cover" isn't directed at me. Yes, I did a skit with Karl Rove at the dinner a few years ago. Big whoop. I guess we're not allowed to have fun anymore. Look, we live in the same community. We work together. Our children go to school together. We can blow off some steam once in awhile without getting all dramatic about conflicts of interest. Frankly, I'm for anything that builds civility between the political class and the media, as you'll see every Sunday on my show.


David Gregory, host, Meet the Press


Wolf Blitzer


Here we go. Another wet blanket post from "Buzzkill" Brokaw. Sure, now that you're retired, time to get all high and mighty and lord it over the rest of us. Tell me something: where was your concern for the unholy communion of journalists and celebrities when you were kicking it with Madonna and Demi Moore back in the 90s? This is a harmless, fun night, and has no effect on our objectivity. Not only will I be at next year's dinner: I've already asked Kat Dennings to go as my date, and she said yes! To paraphrase Darrell Hammond impersonating Sean Connery on Saturday Night Live: Suck it, Brokaw!


Wolf Blitzer, CNN