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Tom Brokaw





Not since Edward R. Murrow exited stage left has there been a more respected television news journalist than Tom Brokaw. A pioneer in acknowledging the liberal bias of the media and taking steps to amend it, Tom is not ready to ride into the sunset just yet: he remains “on call” to opine on breaking news and economic trends.


Resumé: Author, NBC Nightly News anchor, Today Show host.

Member Since: 1998

Specialties:. Generational generalizations. Election analysis. Taking the pulse of Main Street, USA.

Achievements: Helped move TV news anchors out of the world of journalism and into the realm of celebrity where they belong. Advocated for “modification” of MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann's duties during 2008 election campaign. Unilaterally declared Word War II generation as the greatest ever. Worked to usher the Village's role in the selling of the Iraq War into the Memory Hole.

Sample quote: “Do you think that President Obama is a man of faith?”

-Question to Iowa caucus voter on NBC News, Jan 3, 2012