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Harry Binswanger



Harry Binswanger





Issued: September 2013
Statement: Far too much vitriol has been directed at our job creators, so it was refreshing—exhilarating, even—to read philosopher and Ayn Rand acolyte Harry Binswanger's stirring defense of the 0.00001 percenters in a 9/17/13 Forbes Magazine column entitled, “Give Back? Yes, It's Time for the 99 Percent to Give Back to the 1 percent.” In the story, Harry writes, “It turns out that the 99% get far more benefit from the 1% than vice-versa.” and concludes, “For their enormous contributions to our standard of living, the high-earners should be thanked and publicly honored. We are in their debt.”


Not only does Harry suggest no taxes on the rich—he wants them put up for the Congressional Medal of Honor!


While we might not go that far, we think Harry’s courageous stance should serve as a clarion call to oppressed wealthy folks in this country and around the world. We're mad as hell, and we're not gonna take it anymore! Here’s a citation for you, sir. Keep speaking truth to power, er, powerlessness.