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As you well know by now, the first rule of Bilderberg is, you don't talk about Bilderberg. Matter of fact, you don't write about it, you don't cover it and you treat anyone who asks questions about it as a wackazoid conspiracy theorist. Now that we got that out of the way, can we just say, OH MY GOD. The 'berg is pretty much the most exclusive club in the world. They clear out an entire hotel for the conference! You should see the security! Behind the walls, leaders of the Western World discuss the Commies, the Islamists, that a**hole Putin, etc., etc. While media coverage is prohibited, select Villagers have been invited (Tom Friedman, we're so jealous!). Perhaps most importantly, Bilderberg deals in Kingmaking. Every U.S. president of last 30 years has visited the conference or its Steering Committee. But you didn't hear that from us.


Founded: 1954

Past Guests: Prince Charles (left); Ben Bernanke; Peggy Noonan; Tim Geithner; Henry Kissinger; Lesley Stahl; Bill Gates; Richard Perle; Peter Thiel; Donald Graham; Queen Beatrix.

Highlights: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stopped by in 2008. Or maybe they didn't. Bill Clinton might have appeared at the 1991 conference. Ditto, George W. Bush, 1985. In 2004, John Edwards' speech at the conference may have led to his selection by John Kerry as running mate. The Euro, NAFTA and the Falklands War may have been hatched here. We're not sure. Look, we've said enough already, we have to go.