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Maria Bartiromo





Those eyes! Those lips! It's not hard to see why Maria has become the Village's most prominent business pundit. From her perch at Fox Business, Maria is strategically—and scenically—placed to promote your company, boost your stock price and improve your bottom line.


Resumé: Emmy Award-winning business reporter, anchor, host. Numerous movie cameos.

Member Since: 2002

Specialties: Defending big banks. Throwing cold water on health care reform. Avoiding commercial air travel.

Achievements: Ushered in era of camera friendly business reporters, including fellow Villager Erin Burnett. Trademarked nickname “Money Honey” for line of products to teach children about capitalism. Upbraided critic of Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

Sample quote: "Well, number one, it's too expensive. A trillion dollars over ten years is just too expensive. We don't have the money for that."

-Speaking of health care reform on Morning Joe, July 27, 2009