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Marc Andreessen



Marc Andreesen





Issued: August 2014


Statement: The Village has been building close ties with Silicon Valley in recent years. From the willingness of tech companies to work with the NSA to the support for education reform among tech entrepreneurs, the Valley is fast becoming Village West. So it seems fitting that we honor tech trailblazer Marc Andreessen, billionaire investor and founder of Netscape. On August 10, Marc took to his Twitter account to offer his take on the role of the press in the Watergate scandal that brought down the Nixon administration. “Woodward&Bernstein Watergate coverage precipitated 40yr collapse of trust in print news,” he wrote, and went on to add, “Endless scandal frenzy is exhausting and demoralizing.”


A-frickin'-men, Marc! Nothing irritates us more than narcissistic “journalists” trying to stir up trouble by exposing the alleged misdeeds of our clients in the political and business sphere. They should stick to transcribing White House, Pentagon and Wall Street press releases. Here's a well-earned citation, and we hope to hear more--lots more--from you in the future.