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Andrea Mitchell




One of the Village's leading ladies, Andrea likes exercising, Starbucks and centrists. She hasn't survived 40-plus years in a business littered with the corpses of youthful, camera-friendly blondes without knowing a few things—like how to agitate liberals and conservatives alike.


Resumé: NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent.

Member Since: 1998

Specialties:. Representing stalwart centrists like Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman as the voices of reason in Washington.

Achievements: Cemented the close ties between the pundit class and the kings of the financial world with her marriage to former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan in 1997. Helped propagate use of expression “enhanced interrogation techniques” to describe torture. Defined sensible center of health care bill by casting aspersions on the public option. Called people from southwest Virginia "rednecks."

Sample quote: "You're saying that no amount of public diplomacy will reach the Muslim world and change their minds because they hate everything that we stand for."

-Interview with anonymous CIA insider, 6/24/04