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Mike Allen





Issued: December 2015
Statement: Mike Allen, head of Village online operations, recently and inadvertently gave several textbook lessons on how we operate. In a series of e-mails leaked to the web site Gawker, Mike tried to convince Chelsea Clinton to appear at a brunch hosted by Politico by promising her aide a "no surprises" interview with all questions agreed upon in advance.


In other e-mails obtained by Gawker, Mike told a senior Democratic lawmaker, I have a long track record of no surprises. ... Id love to chat about how we could maximize your comfort.


Some have suggested that these e-mails paint Mike in a less-than-flattering light. Nonsense! Confrontational questions are irksome at best and will eventually result in us getting uninvited to all the cool events, parties and confabs. Instead, we should always aspire to "maximize the comfort" of the political and business leaders we cover. Keep up the good work, Mike! Let the haters accuse us of "sucking up;" we'll be laughing all the way to the bank.