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Mike Allen




“Mikey” helps set the Beltway's daily narrative through Playbook, his e-mail tipsheet on Politico. He is the go-to guy for Washington gossip and news about his friends' kids.


Resumé: Reporter, Politico and various newspapers.

Member Since: 2008

Specialties: Waking up before everyone else in Washington. Palace intrigue. Dick Cheney sounding board.

Achievements: Earned profile in 4/21/10 New York Times Magazine, during which he insisted on going “off the record” to describe his hobbies. Got excited by prospect of Senator Ben Nelson having more power. Described as the “part mascot and part sleepless narrator of our town” by Democratic media consultant. Helped perfect practice of native advertising. Served as panelist at event for Republican donors.

Sample quote: “I’m a well-rounded person who is interested in the community, interested in family, interested in sports, interested in the arts, interested in restaurants.”

-From aforementioned Times article.