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Now With Alex Wagner


Issued: Sept, 12, 2012 Village Citation


Statement: Congrats to Alex and the four guests on her MSNBC program for giving us a textbook lesson in framing the strike by the Chicago teachers. The panelists said the union's “shockingly untenable” position made them look “retrograde” and “ridiculous.” Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell praised Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel for his tough stance, saying it showed that “Democrats can stand up to unions when their demands are unreasonable.” Added Alex, “The narrative here is that sometimes the teachers' unions do not have the interests of children at heart, and the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of Chicago schoolchildren not in school doesn't do much to ameliorate that image.” Alex closed by saying, “I'm not betting against Rahm Emanuel on this one.” With this program, Alex and company join a long line of Village luminaries, including Davis Guggenheim and Katie Couric, in taking on the greedy, inflexible teachers' union. Our sponsors endorse for-profit education, and when we have self-described "Progressives" like Alex on our side, we can confidently say that only unreasonable people support the antiquated teachers union. Thanks, Alex. Keep up the good work!