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In its early days, 60 Minutes was seen as a threat to the established order. Thankfully, things have changed, and the Sunday night institution has become one of the Village's most respectful outlets. After its iconic stopwatch opening and the procession of Villagers, er, correspondents introducing themselves, you'll find a reliable palette of terrorist scare-mongering, "behind the scenes" stories of the NSA and the Department of Defense and celebrity puff pieces.


Launched: 1968

Notable Figures: Steve Kroft (left); Larah Logan; Mike Wallace; Lesley Stahl; Andy Rooney; Scott Pelley; Charlie Rose.

Achievements: Promoted charter schools and their oligarch supporters. Supported Blue Dog Democrat Evan Bayh as last reasonable men in Washington. Promoted ruggedly handsome hero of Benghazi attacks who turned out not to have be there. Delivered gushing profile of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Produced PR piece for the NSA.